Testimonials – professionals

A lively, well written and interesting paper on a technique with clear applications for large numbers of dispersed B2B respondents. There are useful and clear guidelines for good practice and application for this tool which will have great value used in the right place at the right time. A good mix of theory and case studies demonstrating the effectiveness and benefit of a new online approach” MRS Award Judge

It’s refreshing to hear someone talk about the common sense issues addressing marketing.  Not some new adage or model which is sweeping the nation but truth and feeling, placing emphasis back on customer wants and not our own.” Jeff Clark, Info USA Excellent.

“What quick work from you – love it when people run with ideas!” Ruth McNeil, former director of Research International

“Your credentials in this area are impressive. “Barry Clarke, Chair, Save the Children International

“I found your “creativity in business” whitepaper very engaging and identifiable. Hit the nail on the head. Nice to read things that make sense for once – it’s rare that I get stopped in my tracks.” Robert Woolf, ReadWoolf Advertising Agency

Catherine, I was very enthused by what you had to say. As a creative I spend a lot of my time trying to get others around me to take some calculated risks in the work environment. I will recommend the project managers give you a call.” Russell Turner, Hunter Design Ltd

“Great presentation Catherine. Good application of the LAB” Shelle Rose Charvet, Founder and Director, Success Strategies

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