Catherine Shovlin 2012Humans can appear to be whimsical creatures. So I use a case by case approach to understand what is going on below the surface to help you tune your products and communications.

I take an honest and courageous look at what really matters using various techniques. I will prepare a tailored package to give you the best results for the least money.

You can stop and start the process if that is right for your business. Techniques include:

  • On-line focus groups with up to 1000 participants. Works well for stakeholders, employees, international customer base, awkward subjects. More
  • Mindset analysis of research data, corporate communications etc. We find out where your target group are coming from and how to influence them. More
  • Conventional focus groups with 6-8 participants. Works well for less confident individuals, presenting visual material, customer research
  • Colour psychology – did you realise that the colours you use affect customer reactions to your brand and product? Harness the value of the right colours More
  • Behavioural research on site, observing dynamics. Works well for retail outlets, public services (eg GP surgery, library)
  • In depth interviews on a one to one basis, or friendship pairs. Works well for business to business research, employee interviews, senior stakeholder research.
  • Data analysis – particularly behavioural data eg credit card spending, mobile phone usage

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