Testimonials – Clients

“Thanks (from ministers) to all involved. They were very impressed with the work being undertaken so far and the progress made in the time given to the project which has clearly surpassed expectations. Catherine Shovlin has been superb in supporting us with this so quickly and efficiently.” Nicky Brunker, Marketing Manager, LSC

“Thanks ever so much for your quite outstanding contribution to the conference.” John Seymour, Project Director, DfES

“I really enjoyed your final report and found it very readable. Many thanks for all your work on this, it’s been very valuable and I’ve enjoyed working with you.” Sarah Wilkie, Policy Manager, Museums, Libraries and Archives 

“Many thanks. There were some very important and interesting messages in your presentation last week that we need to take account of.” Gillian Gayle, Communications  Manager, Haringey NHS
“Fresh, engaging and well written” Judy Everett, Shell Brand Manager, Shell International

“Colourful insights” Andy Booth, Director, Marketing Direction Ltd

Technique: Crowdsourcing

We run live inclusive, conclusive conversations with up to 1000 participants anywhere in the world. Get to the heart of the subject matter in hours so you can focus your resources on what works.

  • COST EFFECTIVE: Do you need to reduce travel spend but still need to talk among the global team?
  • CROWDSOURCING: Do you want to use the frontline knowledge of your salesforce or distributors without waiting for the next conference?
  • RETENTION AND MOTIVATION: Do you run a multinational company and need to understand employee motivation and how to improve it?
  • ANONYMITY: Do you need to research a sensitive issue such as diversity or health issues where it is not easy to speak openly?
  • CONSULTATION: Are you a government official who needs to do public consultation?

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Behaviour research: the new generation leader

Challenge: to identify effective leadership styles and cross-reference with male / female strengths

Changes in LI (Leadership Intelligence) over time

Our approach: on-line mega-focus group run on the Synthetron platform, then online questionnaire. NB Customer Interpreter is the sole provider of Synthetron crowdsourcing software in the UK. This research was carried out with Aspire Coaching

A few of our observations about 21st century leadership

  • Participants admire inspiring vision, courage, intelligence, integrity, the guts to make change happen, innovativeness and those they believe have a vision, stand for something and have made a difference.
  • What is now being rejected is untrustworthy leadership based on ego, greed or selfishness, those that aim to divide and conquer.
  • The best leaders tend to be female and they tend to improve with age and business or parenting experience. Higher LI (Leadership Intelligence) scores are seen in the public sector and those working in professions or in the coaching/development industry. Seniority helps, but board members have lower LI scores.
  • High LI scorers take a job to make a difference and have a challengein a company they believe in. They are frustrated by hierarchies, work-life balance and lack of opportunities to do what they came for.
  • Women appear to be less of a gamble when it comes to LI –their variance is significantly less than that of men and they are less affected by the sector, seniority level or working patterns.

Timescale: 1 month
Full report: find it here: leadership survey 2010