Competitive Positioning – running away from the lion

running away from the lion ( competitive positioning and customer insight)

Getting inside your customer’s head for competitive advantage – after all there’s no point otherwise.

An eight step process to ensure your business gets the insights it needs, not the ones someone wants to sell you.

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What is a Customer Interpreter?

What a Customer Interpreter® does, and why it’s the key to a successful business. Including

  • 4 techniques for a Customer Interpreter
  • 3 applications for your business

If you run a business in your own country, you probably believe you speak the same language as your customer.

But do your customers think you speak the same language as them?

Overcoming the communications gap makes obvious business sense. More and more customers have choices and they choose suppliers and products that they can identify with. None of us like to feel misled, or patronised or misunderstood. So if they can relate better to your business, they’re more likely to buy from you.

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