Behaviour research example: library non-users

Challenge: Understand reasons for current low usage of libaries among adult learners and recommend ways to increase
Our approach:
visit many libraries, talk to staff, watch behaviour, focus groups with  users and non-users

A few of our recommendations to encourage library usage:

  • The look and feel of libraries is offputting to non-users. More transparency,

    Striking architecture at Peckham Library

    openness, clarity, guidance
    “I’m not clever enough”, “it looks boring”, “there’s too many rules”…

  • Libraries have always been about making information and entertainment available to everyone. New initiatives can be guided by that light rather than by the books that were historically the only way to offer this service
  • The library needs to be run for the users not the staff

Timescale: 2-3 months
Full report: find it here on the MLA website (34 page pdf)

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