Client list

Employee behaviour

Shell International, Philips, Kraft / Cadbury, Sun Microsystems, Umicore, Belgacom, BNP/Amro/Fortis, Barco, Hertel, Freshfields, Sanofi, CARE, AB Inbev, Tata Steel

Citizen behaviour

Dept for Education and Skills, NHS Scenario Planning, NHS patient behaviour, Learning and Skills Council, SEEDA , Connexions, Staffordshire University, MLA – Libraries, AnPost, Canadian Libraries, Flanders Govt

Customer behaviour

20th Century Fox, Ricoh, Bendicks, Curry’s, Shop Direct, Adobe, Philips, Brio, NCARB

Talks and consultancy

NOP Research, Sequoia, Eulogy, The Communications Group, AGI, Perspektiv, Aspire, MCE, Hopkins Van Mil, SF & Associates, CNN, Time magazine, Marketing Week, ACCA, RSA, King Badouin Foundation, Syracuse University, community organisations, business networks, schools

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